AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-01-28Configure docker container to debloy on kobert.devHEADmasterDennis Kobert
2020-01-20Update docsMichael Weimann
2020-01-20Add CONTRIBUTING.mdMichael Weimann
2020-01-09Worklog: Limit worklog comment length to 200 as it is configured in the databaseIgor Scheller
2020-01-02Metrics: Added controller feature testIgor Scheller
2020-01-02tests: code coverage cleanupIgor Scheller
2020-01-02Fix New Messages navbar display and make the Messages link clickable.digitaldonkey
2020-01-02Fix mobile navidigitaldonkey
2019-12-30Metrics: Fixed message countIgor Scheller
2019-12-30Message: Add coverage, fix method hintsIgor Scheller
2019-12-30Migrate message viewMichael Weimann
2019-12-30Add message modelMichael Weimann
2019-12-29Angeltypes: Fixed error on angeltype creationIgor Scheller
2019-12-28Header: Add external linksIgor Scheller
2019-12-28Admin arrive: Fixed searchIgor Scheller
2019-12-27Merge pull request #705 from MyIgel/pronounmsquare
2019-12-27Shifts overview: Added filter_max_duration to limit max runtimeIgor Scheller
2019-12-27Voucher: Added hours_per_voucher settingIgor Scheller
2019-12-27Voucher: Add worklog entries to calculationIgor Scheller
2019-12-26User: Add pronoun statementIgor Scheller
2019-12-26Shifts overview: only scroll shifts, not whole pageIgor Scheller
2019-12-25Voucher: Added calculation start timeIgor Scheller
2019-12-25Metrics: Strict types and type hintingIgor Scheller
2019-12-24Metrics: Added users_force_activeIgor Scheller
2019-12-19Add the container class to some viewsMichael Weimann
2019-12-19Improve readabilityMichael Weimann
2019-12-14fix #694: no more black hover link texts in 36c3 themesmsquare
2019-12-12Extended the iCal section with a collapsible card to show the current api key.cbluoss
2019-12-12ShiftEntry query now returns the related as well.cbluoss
2019-12-08Resolve redirect problem in schedule importmsquare
2019-12-08Merge pull request #690 from marudor/update-js-depsmsquare
2019-12-08Update JavaScript Dependencies to resolve security issue with serialize-javas...marudor
2019-12-08Merge pull request #685 from MyIgel/schedule-importmsquare
2019-12-08Add timezone to shifts JSONIgor Scheller
2019-12-08Renamed GuzzleServiceProvider to HttpClientServiceProvider, fixed translation...Igor Scheller
2019-12-08ImportSchedule: Append talk language to shift titleIgor Scheller
2019-12-08Added Schedule parsing and replaced old Fahrplan importerIgor Scheller
2019-12-08Twig: Macros: Form: Use input options and primary submit buttonIgor Scheller
2019-12-08Response: Added with and withInput methods and back/redirect functionsIgor Scheller
2019-12-08Renamed redirect() to throwRedirect()Bot
2019-12-08Migration References->referencesUser: Changes $setPrimary from true to falseIgor Scheller
2019-12-08Migration: Fixed formattingIgor Scheller
2019-12-07Questions: Moved user tests to user and fixed attribute names, added @coversIgor Scheller
2019-12-07Stats: Added questions testIgor Scheller
2019-12-07Migrate Question usagesMichael Weimann
2019-12-07Add Question modelMichael Weimann
2019-12-07Add questions table migrationMichael Weimann
2019-12-01Update de po fileMichael Weimann
2019-12-01Models: Updated docsIgor Scheller
2019-11-30Use pcov to speed up tests with code coverageIgor Scheller